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Cutest Planner Ever.
Pink Edition

The Ultimate Journaling Experience is here!

Priced just right at 1299 2699

Smart insides too: OMG
Check out what makes my space 2022 so special


1299 2699


Width: 22 cm, Height: 17 cm


Classic Hardcover with gold foil accents.

YEARLY SPREADS: Year at a glance - 2022 & 2023, Year in pixels,All About Me, The real me, Year resolutions, Year affirmations, Birthdays, Memory board, Dream Journal, My deep secrets, Dream board, Vision board, Level 10 Goals, Level 10 Life, Idea board, Achievement board, Wish list (Things to buy, Things to do and Travel goals), My circle - My world, People who add sunshine to my life ( Partner, Mum, Dad, Sibling, Bff, Gang), My priorities, Bookstagram, Wall of movies, Tv show lists, Favourite quotes, Budget plan, Mental health, My period days, My Sick days, My fitness journey, Improvement plan, Sacred rituals, Products I Use, Clean home, Social stats, Social media passwords, Subscriptions, Who borrowed what? Gifts page, Best days, Therapy pages (Mandala, nail art), Self Portrait, Pen it down.

MONTHLY SPREADS:My obsessions, Playlist of the Month, Month at a glimpse+ Goal Grid, Mood Tracker, Journal pages, Goal Tracker, Events, To Do, Habit Tracker, Sick Day/Period Tracker, Weekly/Daily spread, Mandala Coloring, Nail art designing, Meal Planner, Expense Tracker Weight Tracker, Diet Tracker, Exercise Tracker.

The Magic Recipe
Take a look inside
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The Freebies are so cool!
And they are all yours
Add these and get your bundle
Priced just right at 1800 4544
Add these and get your bundle
Priced just right at 1800 4544
Pen down atleast one happy moment and a positive thought each day and all the things that you are grateful for.
Improve your over all mental health, mindset and well-being with our planner.
Shruti Sriram It helps me believe that myself is magical and gives me a sense of being there! It’s like at end of the day the planner is like a person to me and it’s there for me.
I received my planner it was as perfect as I expected have to say your planners cover each and everything and I’m so so in love with it.
The journal is so aesthetic and amazing. Can’t stop scrolling the pages again and again!! Sticker book has my heart!
Stay tuned @spaceandbeautyofficial
Making things happen
Keep track of your activities on the go and achieve more goals with our planner.
Building a better you