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Shipping & Cancellation

Once your order is shipped, there will be a tracking link to your order to your given inbox or the given contact number. Space and beauty usually deliver mode with only post services.

Domestic transit time

Generally, Domestic shipments take only 3-4 business days to deliver. This may vary accordingly with the courier services in your area.

International transit time

International shipments take only 10-15 business days to deliver. The delivery time may vary depending on the courier service you prefer. But we will provide you the estimated delivery time when you choose one of the courier services.

Change of Delivery Address

We can assist you with changing the delivery address at any time before the order has been dispatched.

Items out of stock

If any item you order has been out of stock, we will wait for the item to get restocked before dispatching it. Existing items will be reserved for delivery while we wait for other items.


After the dispatch, you will receive a tracking link from which you will be able to track your order based on the updates done by the shipping provider. We request you to wait for 24hrs for the status of your shipment to get updated.


If you plan for cancellation, it is advisable to do so before the order is out for dispatch and shipment.

In case a cancellation request comes up on a later date when the order is already out for delivery; the order will not be deemed as canceled.

Cancellation Fee

We don’t charge any extra amount for cancellation. However, it is highly advisable to only cancel the order within the above-mentioned ‘cancellation duration’. If multiple instances of cancellation on a later date are recorded by an account, there are chances that your account will be marked as unserviceable for any future references.

Refund policies:
Damaged Products and Replacement:

If there are issues over damaged product, don't worry, Drop your mail @ or be in touch with our support team to place a replacement request or a refund request. For all pre-paid orders, you can expect a refund of the canceled order to be processed within 3-15 bank days.

Also, please make sure that the returned product is well packed to avoid any damages in transit. The product should be returned in its original state for the refund/code to get processed within one day.


We prefer an online delivery payment method option usual, with razor pay, amazon pay, google pay, and Paytm.